Four women are accused of abusing children in their care at a day care center in east Louisiana. Concordia Parish investigators got complaints about possible inappropriate treatment of young children at the Noah’s Ark Daycare in Vidalia which is on the border with Mississippi.

Four women have now been arrested on child abuse charges.

Investigators were able to get video footage showing one worker allegedly hitting a 14-month-old several times. The report from the sheriff’s office says at least two other toddlers were also hit.

The detectives got a search warrant and seized the hard drive from the DVR where agents found more evidence of alleged abuse by some of the workers.

The report from the sheriff’s office says children were hit in the head, face and mouth. Some children were hit with wooden paint sticks.

State Police also stepped in to assist with the investigation.

Concordia Parish Sheriff David Hedrick says “The well-being of our children are one of the main priorities of my office and as your Sheriff, I will continue to ensure their safety”.

Concordia Parish Sheriff's Office
Concordia Parish Sheriff's Office

Here Are the Four Women Who Were Arrested:

  • 36-year-old Lysa Richardson of Vidalia, LA
    • Charges: (3) Counts of Cruelty to Juveniles
  • 27-year-old Julianne Porales  of Fayette, MS
    • Charges: (11) Counts of Cruelty to Juveniles
  • 19-year-old Taylor Ragonesi of Ferriday, LA
    • Charges: (3) Counts of Cruelty to Juveniles
  • 34-year-old Bridget Delaughter of Vidalia, LA
    • Charges: (4) Counts of Cruelty to Juveniles

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