Daniel Erspamer from Louisiana's Pelican Institute talks about the effect of COVID 19 mandates on individual rights and whether, post pandemic, all of those rights will be fully restored.

Erspamer, in a recent pelicaninstitute.org article, addresses the question of whether Louisiana’s government infringed on the rights of its citizens with COVID-19 mandates?

"There are a lot of conversations, a lot of questions about, not only what should the government do...but what can't the government do?" Erspamer says. "What does the Constitution allow? What do the courts allow? And what should we look at so we can better balance life, health and liberty in the next public health emergency."

"Obviously, it's not as simple as it all seems," he continues, "The fact of the matter is, the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution gives broad authority to state leaders and the courts have regularly upheld the governor's...to restrict liberty in the context of a public health emergency. However that doesn't mean unlimited authority and our research has shown that some other states may have a better system of checks and balances. Our entire American experiment is built on a government that can be checked and has balance and that's something that may be missing a bit here in Louisiana."

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