Since Monday, October 25th, The Dan Bongino Show has been running Best Of shows as the nationally-syndicated host has been in a disagreement with his syndicator - Cumulus Broadcasting - over their COVID-19 vaccine mandate for its employees.

As a matter of fact, Bongino gave Cumulus executives an ultimatum on the air: "You can have me, or you can have the mandate, but you can't have both."

On Wednesday, nearly an hour before The Dan Bongino Show was set to run another episode without the host being live behind the microphone, Bongino made the announcement on Twitter that he would be back on the air.

During his announcement, Bongino gave out many "thank you's" - to his conservative listeners who voted in statewide races in New Jersey and Virginia on Tuesday night, to liberals who Bongino says helped to screw up Democratic campaigns in those states, and to those who have stood by him during his fight with Cumulus.



Bongino also announced he would be creating a fund for employees fired by Cumulus over their refusal to take the COVID vaccine and that he would put $250,000.00 of his own money into it.


Bongino also called out "so-called conservative talk show hosts," those who he says wanted his time slot - once held by Hall of Fame broadcaster Rush Limbaugh who died in February - and those who he says have not supported his position against Cumulus' COVID-19 vaccine mandate.


Will Dan Bongino and Cumulus/Westwood One come to an agreement? That remains to be seen.

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