Owner Shelly Luther opened her salon in Dallas, Texas and immediately received a restraining order for doing so. The 3,600 square foot salon only has two stylists working, in masks, and only one nail stylist who is enclosed behind glass. All employees are wearing masks, as per OSHA regulations.

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Luther told CBSDFW in an interview during her second day being open that she firmly believes she will be arrested.

If they arrest me, I have someone that will keep the store open because it's our right to keep the store open, and it's a right for those women to earn income for their family and if anyone has anything to say about that, there's something wrong with you.

Long is trying to communicate as much as possible with the governor's office, attempting to relay information to the office and continue to stay open. The restraining order against long will not expire until May 12. If she continues to defy the order, it will be likely considered contempt of court. Long has been seen tearing up her orders to stop along with any tickets she has received.

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