Hundreds of people, some dressed semi-fancy, others in their finest formals, turned out for the 'Cut to the Chase' world premiere at The Strand Theatre in Shreveport.

This was my first red carpet affair, and I must say it was quite enjoyable. The atmosphere was electric, everyone was excited to be there, and the photo ops were superb! It was fun chatting with both local actors/actresses and ones who are from elsewhere in the country.

I'm not going to spoil the movie for anyone by giving out any details. I'll just say the plot was well thought-out, and the cliffhanger-style ending left me wondering...what happens next??

I think the coolest part about the film was the use of Shreveport and the surrounding areas as the actual setting. Attendees got to see local scenery and hear references to things like the SPD, Caddo Correctional and the Tiki Bar.

Actor/Producer/Director, and Bossier City native, Blayne Weaver told the crowd after the movie was over that he shot another film, 'Six Month Rule,' here as a no-name city...but this time, he showcased Shreveport for what it is.

Producer Chris Lyon got tremendous applause when he said he's a huge believer in Shreveport and Shreveport film.

"Almost 10 years ago, I showed my first short film at LSU-S, before the Film Center was even open, and I stood there in my cargo shorts and my button-down shirt because I didn't have anything to wear," Lyon said. "And I was telling people, 'Shreveport can be a place that makes movies without studios!' And FINALLY, like 10 years later almost, we're finally getting to that place."

It was incredibly fun to dress in my finest, get my hair and makeup done (BIG shout-out to Kayce Best and Lindsay Montgomery at Couture Makeup Bar and Salon for transforming me for the festivities!!), and strut my stuff -- in my super-uncomfortable shoes, among the local film-lovers.

It was a spectacular event, and I applaud all those involved in the planning, production and execution of both the 'Cut to the Chase' movie and the premiere at The Strand. You are all awesome! It was definitely a glamorous affair.

Take a look at some photos from the event (more to come soon!):

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