For a time, Louisiana was commonly called Hollywood South - due to the massive amount of big budget feature films and television series filmed here.  In 2015, that all ended when the tax credit that made it financially beneficial for entertainment companies to make their movie magic in the Bayou State.  If you miss seeing big stars here making their fortune as they make our favorite shows, I've got some good news for you: It looks like it's all coming back!

The number of productions for both the small and the silver screen in our state is on the rise thanks to a new round of revisions to the tax credit that once made Louisiana the destination for filmmakers looking to escape the "plastic" world of California.  Currently, there are a number of projects underway - including Tom Hanks new movie "Greyhound."  This movie has a budget of $50.3 million - $29.5 million of which will be spent in our fair state.  The Purge television series is also set to be made in New Orleans, and AMC's Preacher is filmed here as well. KLFY reports that in 2016, only 22 projects were filmed in Louisiana, this year there are 30 projects finished or underway - with another 15 slated to start before then end of the year.

All-in-all, Louisiana potentially stands to gain hundreds of millions of dollars every year because of this new tax credit revision.

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