As we talk about crime problems all across Louisiana, you might want to know about something that has been happening in several cities. While police agencies are working with short staffs to fight crime, criminals are looking for any way they can to steal your cash.

Via YouTube
Via YouTube

Axios reports this is not a new crime. It just has a new name. This crime is called "jugging".

What Is "Jugging"?

This is a crime of opportunity. The thieves will keep a close eye on ATM machines and wait for someone to withdraw a large chunk of money. When they spot a victim, the criminal approaches and and grabs the victim and snatches the cash. In some cases the victims are roughed up and shoved to the ground.

Police in Houston says “jugging” is a growing trend. One woman was attacked in the middle of a shopping center and pushed down. One victim in Houston was left paralyzed after being targeted by jugging criminals.

Police have issued warnings about "juggings" in several states from California across the south to Alabama. There has been a growing trend of these crimes across Texas. The thieves will often target elderly victims who are distracted.

The number one way you can become a victim is by juggling your keys, a cellphone or digging through a purse while walking to your car. Police say you should always have your keys ready and put the cell phone away while you are walking to your car at any shopping complex, bank or business. You want to make a point of focusing on getting to your car quickly and deliberately without stopping to do another task.


Crime stats show juggers will often wait in parking lots for victims who are typically over age 65. These criminals might all show up at shopping complex looking for people who make big purchases or seem to have lots of cash.

One of the scariest alerts that has gone out is about juggers who will follow unsuspecting victims home from a bank ATM or a shopping complex and these thieves will rob you once you get home.

In Houston during all of 2022, there were more than 700 "jugging" incidents.

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