With all of the culture and tradition that surrounds our state, it's no wonder that Louisiana has buildings and homes with haunted history.

How about the Municipal Auditorium, for example? Growing up in Shreveport, I've heard since I was a little girl that the historic building is haunted. But luckily, for me, have never witnessed any haunted activity. Or what about the historic Logan Mansion right here in Shreveport that's said to be haunted by some of it's former owners? Again, no personal paranormal experience there either. (Are you noticing a pattern with me?)

But thanks to our friends at Only In Your State, Shreveport is not the only city in which haunted houses dwell. How about the La Laurie Mansion in New Orleans or Southdown Plantation House in Houma? Creepy!

What other haunted houses do you know of in our Bayou State? Have you ever stayed at a haunted house here in Louisiana? If so, let us know where on the comments below.


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