Halloween is usually the time of year that everyone gets interested in "scary stuff", but some of us are interested in "scary" all the time. Which is why the paranormal investigation world is getting bigger and bigger every year. When you're in Louisiana, that's actually really good news.

Pound-for-pound, Louisiana is one of the most "haunted" states in the country. From New Orleans to Natchitoches, and Shreveport to Alexandria, there are haunted buildings and graves from river to state line. Even though the entire state hasn't gotten in on it, there an enough people who have caught on that people are actually coming to the state just to see these "haunted" locations.

I've been looking into the "haunted" side of Shreveport since I moved here. From what has been shown to me, and discussed with me, Shreveport could be considered the second most haunted city in the state, behind only New Orleans. A city that even features "Haunted" or "Not Haunted" on their real estate signs.

So I'm always looking for posts online about haunted stuff, which is how I stumbled upon this post from OnlineInYourState.com about a Haunted Louisiana Road Trip. Their list leads with New Orleans, which is just smart, but then it winds down I-10, and turns up towards Alexandria. They kept it pretty fair by really only makes one stop per city, so by the time they get to Shreveport, where is their stop?

Municipal? That's usually recognized as the most haunted place in Shreveport. But that's not it. Turns out their stop is Oakland Cemetery.

Really not a bad stop, but I'm not sure if it would be my first choice. Maybe we need to put together our own road trip map. Maybe we'll keep it local, or at least Ark-La-Tex centered. But that's a story for another day...

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