SHREVEPORT, LA - Crawfish prices in Louisiana are off the charts high right now. The supply of crawfish is so low and that is driving the prices through the roof. And not too many of your favorite spots have crawfish available, yet.

Crawfish (Photo by Mike Soileau/TSM)
Crawfish (Photo by Mike Soileau/TSM)
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How Much Were Crawfish Last Year?

In fact, prices for crawfish have hit record highs this year. One year ago, we were paying about $6-$7 dollars a pound for boiled crawfish. We can only dream of that for this year. I sure hope prices dip to that range this year, but I don't know if that will happen.

There is a little silver lining in this bad news. More vendors are getting crawfish back in stock. But they are not getting an unlimited supply. We only found a couple of spots with live crawfish available if you are Mr. Moneybags and want to host a crawfish boil.


Why Are Crawfish in Short Supply?

The drought we endured during the summer of last year is the reason the mudbugs are so hard to come by. Reports indicate the fields that don’t have crawfish this year and they will have to be restocked. So not only will this year be bad, but it also creates issues for the 2025 crop.

How Much Are Crawfish in Shreveport?

Crawfish are in short supply, but they are starting to arrive. Prices are high, though.


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