It's March and time to seriously start thinking about crawfish all around Louisiana. Prices started off this year very high. In fact, 2023 rolled in with the highest prices we have ever seen for boiled crawfish. Some places were selling mudbugs for $12 dollars a pound. We knew that would change and it has. and Louisiana Crawfish Board and Louisiana Crawfish Board

But we still aren't seeing great prices, yet. But I just checked the prices at many of your favorite spots and found prices are now falling at almost every location in the area.

Crawfish Palace in Haughton has live crawfish for $2.49 a pound. That's the lowest price you'll find in the area for a bag of live mudbugs if you are planning your own crawfish boil. A few other spots have live crawfish for $2.99 a pound.

But if you are looking for boiled crawfish ready to pick up and take to the house, you will be able to find prices just under $5 a pound at several local spots. This is still a bit high. But we have to account for inflation and the supply chain issues we have been faced with over the past year.

We do have some good news. The mild February temps are contributing to a great crop of crawfish and they will also be getting bigger earlier in the season this year because they have not had to endure any severe cold spells during the 2nd month of the year.

But if you like really big crawfish, you will most likely have to wait until mid to later April to start seeing those whoppers come out of the pot. If you are worried about the health benefits of crawfish, click here to see the nutrition info.

How Much Are Crawfish in Shreveport?

Crawfish have arrived and we have been checking the prices for you. These are the prices we found on March 1, 2023.


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