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United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned his post at the top of the UK Government.

Johnson appears to have a turbulent time in UK leadership, but for the most part, that would just be perception from across "the pond". In 2019, Johnson led his party (the way general elections work in the UK is different, essentially the whole party runs at once, with a person named to be the Prime Minister at the top) to the biggest win any party had in the UK since 1979.

But after that election, Johnson started to have little controversies here and there. In the wake of his resignation, it appears his treatment of the COVID pandemic was his ultimate undoing.

Johnson allowed his country to face some of the heaviest COVID lockdowns in the free world. At one point, not even allowing loved ones to attend funerals during the pandemic. But Johnson's team wasn't following these same rules.

While during this same timeframe, Johnson's team was getting together for "parties" on a regular basis. This revelation has led to multiple investigations, fines, and now resignations. All over the idea that the government punished others, while living by their own rules.

In the United States, we saw the same thing. Actually, what we saw may have been worse. Here's a quick rundown of the misinformation, controversies, and restriction related outcomes the US has dealt with:

-Politicians from Rhode Island to California all violate the COVID restrictions they'd placed on the public. California Governor Gavin Newsome was caught multiple times, but instead of resigning like Boris Johnson, he's flirting with a run for President.
-The lockdowns being pushed hard didn't even work, according to the scientists at the forefront of COVID research
-Children kept out of schools through government lockdowns are facing learning loss that is likely unrepairable
-The masks people have been fighting each other to wear, didn't work
-Suicide rates during lockdowns increased
-Drug overdose rates during lockdowns exploded
-President Biden spread misinformation on COVID vaccinations on a regular basis
-COVID lockdowns have brought devastating inflation to the world

All of these major issues inside the United States seem to be bigger than what Boris Johnson dealt with in the UK. In fact, these are just some of the issues here in the US, not even a complete list.

But the fact that the political leader in the UK resigns over COVID lockdown "parties", but US politicians gain aspirations after being caught in similar controversies, is pretty incredible.

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