A Shreveport City Councilman is frustrated about the continued violence in our city.

Jerry Bowman says:

Citizens of Shreveport Caddo, its unfortunate that we can NOT police integrity and common sense, though it seems as if WE are accepting the shootings, violence and other crimes as if it's a culture or the new normal, it's NOT!!!! Not only as an elected official, but as parent and a damn citizen, I'm deeply saddened and VERY upset with the gun violence, deaths and robberies we are witnessing.
I understand that it's EVERYONES concern, but it's EVERYONES position to say what they know, whether it's before or after the wrong is committed,

Bowman talked with us about his frustrations and offered some possible solutions.

Bowman also has this message for local residents:

If you know someone is in illegal possession of a gun and up to NO GOOD or walking up and down the streets with it, it's your obligation to say something before it's your loved one that's injured or killed. Let's proactively seek to get people the help they need before it's TOO LATE, whether mental, educational, employment opportunities, whatever.  I'm NOT afraid to say Shreveport has a serious Gun and Drug problem!!!!


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