There is a new challenge in town that has caught my attention. If there is good food to be had I want in. If there is some kind of eating challenge I want to know all about it. I may not jump in on it, but I definitely want to watch it go down.

I have been seeing Patty Shack pop up on my newsfeed on Facebook for a couple of weeks now. Why do you ask?  A ridiculous challenge that has us all proving that our eyes are much bigger than our stomachs.

It's called the 30 Stack Challenge and according to Patty Shack's Facebook page, no one has come out victorious, yet.

I am convinced this challenge has been invented so no one out there can possibly break it.

30 patties? Excuse me, absolutely not.

I have seen some people on the page finish up to 12 and honestly, that sounds much more doable. How can someone possibly dominate the 30 Stack Challenge? Does it end in cardiac arrest right after?

I am reminded of Adam from Man Vs. Food. Did you ever watch the show? It's where a man tackles the spiciest food Let me refresh your memory.

Keep in mind in that burger Adam ate there were only 12 patties. It was much less than the 30 Stack. Could you handle a 12 Stack? If you try your hand or should we say mouth at the 30 Stack Challenge we want to see your photo.

Patty Shack is located at 2826 Barksdale Blvd, Bossier City, LA 71112

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