Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson gives his assessment of the growing supply chain breakdown, why it's happening and what could be done to alleviate the trouble.

Experts say that there is a four week backup of container ships in major California harbors and that because of a shortage of workers to unload the vessels and a paucity of available trucks and drivers, the problem may not be solved for 12 months or more.

"We have a looming disaster with Christmas coming up," Johnson begins, "Now the reports are that we have life saving, life sustaining medications that are being held up. They're deploying the National Guard in these locations. Florida and Texas are saying, 'Send them to our ports.' We'll certainly take them in New Orleans. we could do a lot better."

Here's everything the Congressman told KEEL listeners:

The 4th District Congressman then discusses the cause of the crisis, which the Biden Administration blames on the pandemic. "In California, the reason the trouble is compounded is because of crazy, crazy policy," he says, pointing out that the shortage of drivers is not new, just greater, "They have intrusive, oppressive regulations. This is not just a COVID related matter. That is a part of it, but the other is these crazy, big government policies that are killing industries, including the trucking industry."

Johnson is also highly critical of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who is on eight week paternity leave. "He took two months off and didn't tell anybody," he says, "And now appears in interviews completely unashamed about it. The problem is, he's secretary of the division of government that is charged with making sure the supply chain runs smoothly and he's at home on a swing. You can't make this stuff up. The inmates have taken over the asylum and it's dangerous."

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