Governor John Bel Edwards met with President Trump last week to talk about criminal justice reform in Louisiana. The Governor says Trump was very interested in our state's efforts to lower the incarceration rate.

KEEL News caught up with Corrections Secretary Jimmy Leblanc who put together the Governor's talking points for the President.

LeBlanc says Edwards was one of only a few governors invited to the meeting to talk about prison reform efforts.

The Governor has also invited the President to tour the State Penitentiary at Angola, but the President's staff has not indicated if he will accept the invitation.

"I believe you will gain a great deal of insight by visiting Louisiana State Penitentiary and I look forward to welcoming you to Louisiana on behalf of the people I serve," Edwards wrote in a letter hand delivered to Trump during a prison reform meeting in New Jersey.

"My administration feels very, very strongly about it," Trump said of efforts to overhaul criminal justice nationally with a focus on reentry. "These are people who have really worked hard on prison reform."


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