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Probably the biggest argument that we, as Americans, have had through 2020 and the COVID 19 pandemic, is the debate over freedom versus safety, whether restrictions on people, businesses and even travel are worth the (alleged) safety of the population.
Kelly Fleming, a Michigan-based political writer, recently penned the following, making the point that a biased media took sides early on, and presented a never-bending point of view that, many times, embraced fear over freedom.
"If you had to pick one word to describe the American experiment, you would probably say “Freedom”. The freedom to speak as we wish, assemble, worship and pursue happiness as we see fit. We are repeatedly told how our military has sacrificed for our freedoms to protect our way of life.
And yet, now, we give them up so freely to politicians that circumvent that freedom with threats of a virus. Imagine if our leaders had to use the word “freedom” in their orders.
Americans would be hearing, "Restaurants will no longer have the freedom to serve diners indoors.”
"You will no longer have the freedom to patronize a restaurant for indoor dining.”
"Your freedom to assemble with family members will not be allowed in groups of ten or more.”
"Your freedom to worship in a building is being curtailed until further notice.”
Imagine a media that at least had the guts to question our leaders using this very word, freedom. “Are you saying the American people will lose their freedom to…”
The virus is real. I don’t doubt the science. But sometimes, I question the scientists. It seems we have scientific opinions on both sides. In the end, if you are concerned for your health, remember, you and I have the freedom to stay home."


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