Congressman Mike Johnson talks about his upcoming trip to the Texas - Mexico border with former President Donald Trump.

"We're going down to the border - the real border where the crisis is most acute," says Johnson, explaining that he will be part of a delegation of GOP lawmakers "That's where we'll go tomorrow with former President Trump and the whole point is to draw more attention to the crisis, a crisis like we've never seen created by the open-door policies of the Biden administration."

"We need to keep the border top of mind with everybody in the Republican Party," he continues, emphasizing that the current situation is a humanitarian, health and crime crisis, "The mainstream media does not want to pay attention to it and I think have President Trump down there will ring the bell."

And the Congressman then addresses accusations that the situation is purposely created by Democrats as, to quote Rush Limbaugh, "an illegal voter drive."

"I think that's pretty clear," Johnson says, "And some Democrats, in a rare moment of candor, have said as much. 'We need to make sure that all these folks can vote.' Ultimately, it's about power. But at the same time, it's about the safety and security of the American people in jeopardy."

And Johnson says that all of America, including folks in his Congressional district, are feeling the effects of of Dem policies. "This is a massive crisis and we are going to continue to beat the drum as loudly and as often as we can. I think there's a reckoning coming in 2022. The Republican party is going to win the House, I think the Senate may be in play, as well...and in the meantime, we're in a very dangerous situation."

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