An email from Shreveport City Attorney William Bradford has confirmed reports that on-duty Shreveport police officers were used in Thursday's motorcycle escort of controversial Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Bradford's email was in response to a 101.7 / 710 KEEL official public records request for information regarding Farrakhan's visit to Shreveport. On Friday, Farrakhan traveled to Grambling to see a family member graduate in that university's commencement exercises.

Here is the text from City Attorney Bradford's email:

"Ms. McCarty,

This email follows your December 15, 2017 public records request sent via email and included below.  The Shreveport Police Department participated in the on-duty escort of Minister Louis Farrakhan. The on-duty escort detail consisted of three motorcycle units and was executed pursuant to the Shreveport Police Department’s General Order number 606.09 regarding “Escorts.” That policy was issued February 15, 1999, and revised in November of 2014.  I have attached a copy for your convenience.  As you will see the policy prefers the use of on-duty officers, therefore there was no “additional” cost to the City. Furthermore, the escort lasted approximately fifteen minutes from Shreveport Regional Airport to the Hilton Hotel and another fifteen minutes from the Hilton Hotel to the city limits.  This was not an “off-duty” escort as outlined in the policy; thus there was not a requirement for payment.  This response should satisfy your records request.

Warmest regards,

William C. Bradford, Jr.

City Attorney"

Bradford did send us a follow-up email saying the SPD did not escort the Farrakhan entourage from the Hilton to the city limits. The only escort was from the airport to the Hilton.

101.7 / 710 KEEL has not yet received a response to inquiries as to who ordered the police escort for Farrakhan and his party, whether the escort was requested, or if the city was paid for the service.

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