A partnership between Lott Oil Company, Inc. and Chesapeake Energy Corporation has resulted in the opening of a new compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station in Mansfield, Louisiana at its existing Chevron branded Shop-A-Lott convenience store and truck stop at the corner of Highways 171 and 84 at 796 Washington Ave.

The compressor equipment and dispensers at the station were funded in part through the "Empower Louisiana" grant from the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR), in addition to investments made by Lott Oil Company, Inc. The two companies officially opened the new CNG fueling station at a dedication ceremony featuring Louisiana DNR Secretary Scott Angelle.

"Today we come together to mark the significant contribution that CNG can have in our state. Here in the heart of the Haynesville Shale operations, we understand that citizens, businesses, industry and government can join forces as a sign of the times. CNG is a sign of the times – it makes good economic sense and is a clean alternate power source we can all appreciate," said Angelle.

The Chevron Shop-A-Lott station is owned and operated by Lott Oil Company, Inc. The company’s president, Buddy Lott, says the new CNG addition represents their goal to meet the needs of its customers who are demanding better access to the low-cost fuel.

"As a company, we see the new CNG fueling station in Mansfield as meeting the growing demand, especially from CNG fleet operators in this area. We are also proud to team with Chesapeake Energy," said Lott. "We believe the future for natural gas is bright. Natural gas is affordable, and it is plentiful in the United States. As a result, businesses, schools and cities who have already converted their fleets are enjoying considerable savings in fuel expenses with the recent rise in gasoline and diesel prices. We are optimistic more companies will convert their fleets in the future and consumers will gravitate to CNG-powered vehicles as manufacturers produce more CNG models."

In addition to serving the public, the new CNG addition will also serve Chesapeake Energy’s growing CNG truck fleet.

"This is an incredible partnership with Lott Oil Company," said Paul Pratt, Chesapeake’s Director – Corporate Development. "Louisiana is setting a strong example to the nation on how to develop a CNG infrastructure network to serve the public and fleet operators. This can only be accomplished when we work together and have a respected and strong partner such as Lott Oil embracing the benefits of natural gas as a transportation fuel. As gasoline prices continue to rise, the economic benefits of CNG will become even more pronounced. Today, CNG is $1.79 - a price level we haven’t seen in America for many years."

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