Shreveport is going to see some chilly temperatures this weekend. The Weather Channel says Saturday morning we will wake up to a temp of 35 degrees. That's quite the change from Monday when we tied a record high of 84.
Isn't this November? Shouldn't we be seeing cold temps now?

While it will get cold, we won't be seeing any winter precipitation. But some other areas could see snow. West Texas is looking at temps well below freezing next week.

tsm snow
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Well, some colder temperatures are headed in our direction over the next few days.
It will be 39 on Sunday and Monday morning and then dip to 37 degrees on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

We do have a chance of rain moving in on Monday as this cold front settles in to the Shreveport Bossier City metro area. There's a 50% chance of rain for the first part of the week. But the National Weather Service says the chance of rain on Friday is only 30% and they are also predicting a temp of 32 degrees on Saturday night.

When Does the Cold Front Arrive?

For Friday and Veterans Day, we see this cold front roll into our area. After this Friday, our high temperatures will not get out of the 50's until late November.
As this cold front arrives on Friday, we will see some showers. The forecast for Friday calls for a 70% chance of scattered showers. But the NWS has a much lower chance of rain for this Friday. They have it at 40%.

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