The City of Shreveport has issued this response to the most recent lawsuit filed in connection with the water billing scandal:

"This fourth lawsuit against the City and/or Mayor Tyler is purely political, and shows Mr. Pernici is carrying out the promise Mr. Wainwright made in August of 2016, that if the City did not pay them a settlement, then the Water and Sewerage Department would draw the attention and interest of those “who will find it irresistible for their own political gain.” Mr. Wainwright continues to make good on his political promises.

Perhaps others who have profited from sweet deals during prior administrations don’t like having this mayor in City Hall because she will not play the old political games. Mr. Pernici’s company has a consulting contract with BFI, the operator  of the City landfill. This contract  pays him a percentage of every dollar BFI makes from the City. BFI got the 25 year landfill contract, and he got the consulting contract, in 2003 under a previous administration. Those type deals have not happened on Mayor Tyler’s watch.

The City will vigorously defend this lawsuit and the previous lawsuits. Nevertheless, the suits are a drain on City and taxpayer money, and consume a great deal of time for the City employees who are forced to deal with lawyers instead of the important work of City government – rebuilding an aging sewer system, providing clean water to citizens, paving and repairing aging street infrastructure, and addressing the everyday issues of citizens.

Julie M. Lafargue

Abrams & Lafargue, LLC



A class action lawsuit seeking to prevent water cutoffs by the City of Shreveport on disputed bills awaits action in Caddo District Court.

The suit also seeks refunds of overbilling, going back ten years, for all Shreveport water system customers. NBC6 NEWS is reporting 65,000 residential customers stand to benefit from the lawsuit if the allegations are proven.

So far, the court has not ruled on the request for immediate relief. This is the fourth lawsuit arising from alleged flaws in the way the City of Shreveport operates its water system.

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