Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond talked to KEEL News about the protests taking place across the nation including here in Shreveport. The Shreveport Police Department was lauded over the weekend for their subdued response during the demonstration. The protests are in response to the violent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the hands of a police officer.

Chief Raymond says he wanted to keep the peace by allowing the protesters to express themselves and be heard in a peaceful manner, but would have had SPD step in if things took a violent turn.

There was great cause for concern early on about a peaceful demonstration turning in to a riot, after watching what is going on nationally. Even as close as Houston Texas, demonstrations have taken a violent turn. It seems the opposite is true of Shreveport with the demonstrators peacefully using their right to protest and the police protecting them.

Intersections were blocked from traffic so that the demonstrators could walk safely to the courthouse during the march. The Chief noted that there were a few things that they weren't ready for, but it helped that the protest was so peaceful.

Seems that the Shreveport Police are legitimately concerned with protecting the rights of demonstrators. We just hope that the fine people of Shreveport keep up the good example by keeping things peaceful.


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