Protests have been happening in most large U.S. cities across the nation over the past week. Some of these protests have erupted into violence.

Family members of George Floyd, the man allegedly killed at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis are urging those who are demonstrating to do it peacefully and not start violence or looting.

But that message has fallen on deaf ears in some cities. President Trump is vowing to use the military in states that do not control the riots. He says he is a "law and order President and this chaos must end.

KEEL News caught up with Congressman Mike Johnson to talk about the protests and he did thank Shreveport protesters for remaining peaceful in these difficult times.

Congressman Johnson tells us we can't let these demonstrations get out of hand. We must maintain law and order.


Johnson has this message on his Facebook page:

Anarchy, looting and violent, destructive mobs are not principled "protests" but forms of domestic terrorism. Participants dishonor the legacy of the civil rights movement, and they should all be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

He also says the death of George Floyd has shined a light on the necessity for systematic changes which are "long, long overdue". He says "We are all God's children, and we are all Americans. Here is a simple truth: Racism violates the most fundamental principles of our great nation--and the rules of our Creator. Period."

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