Krewe of Centaur Parade Captain Corky Bridges talks about the status of the 2021 parade and the Krewe's attempts to get a permit from the city.

The Krewe, whose annual parade is scheduled for February 6, 2021, has been unable to get the okay from Shreveport's Public Assembly and Recreation department, hence can't solidify their plans. First, Bridges emphasizes that as of now, the parade is not cancelled. "Postponed means 'up in the air.' We don't know. We have deadlines. The first deadline that the board of directors had to tackle was the ordering of beads. It has to be done by July 31, to the tune of about $250,000."

"We've been in constant communication with the City of Shreveport," Bridges says, explaining how the Governor's current mandates prohibit the City from granting him approval, "We have to get a permit. But we were told (at the last meeting) that a permit could not be issued on that day."

Meanwhile, SPAR Director Shelly Ragle explains the City's position and how they are bound by the mandates. "We had to look at issuing the permit under the guidelines of where we are today and those kinds of events aren't permissible under the Governor's (current) order. We talked with them (Centaur) - and Gemini - and right now we couldn't issue them one. It's not the unknown of the City's permit, it's the unknown of what phase we'll be in in February."

"I believe (the City) wants us to have a parade," Bridges adds seeming to understand Ragle's position, "I believe that's what they want. To be's all of these unknowns.



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