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Carole Baskin Launches Cryptocurrency

Tiger King star Caroline Baskin just launched a cat-themed "alt coin" called $CAT. The cryptocurrency, which she describes as "fan tokens," can be used to purchase intimate walks at her Big Cat Rescue sanctuary, special cat merchandise and even a personal encounter with Baskin herself. (via Page Six)

Lowest-Rated Jeopardy! Guest Host, Revealed

Anderson Cooper drew a 5.1 rating — the lowest rating out of all previous guest hosts — when he appeared as a host on Jeopardy! The dismal reaction to Cooper's hosting gig even caused Jeopardy! to lose the top game show spot, which was swiftly overtaken by Family Feud. (via The Wrap)

Healthy Habits Can Make Us Feel Worse!

A recent survey of 2,000 U.S. residents found that healthy habits actually make 56 percent of people feel worse. Some habits that can make us feel worse include going to bed early, eating healthy and getting a good night's sleep. We just can't win, can we? (via Yahoo! News)

4 Wild Myths That People Still Believe

There are so many debunked myths that people still believe are true! Some of these pervasive tall-tales have left folks convinced that gum takes seven years to digest; coffee stunts your growth; shaving makes your hair grow back quicker; and you swallow eight spiders a year in your sleep. (via BuzzFeed)

Tiffany & Co. Launches Engagement Rings for Men

Tiffany & Co. announced that in May, the jewelry company will launch a brand new line of male engagement rings response to an increased demand from grooms who want their own engagement rings. (via New York Post)

YouTube Announces New Celebrity Docu-Series 

YouTube announced that they have multiple new original series lined up with various celebrities. Some of these include Best Shape of My Life, which will follow Will Smith's fitness journey; Noted, about the making of Alicia Keys' eighth album, and Ice Cold, in which Migos will explore hip-hop jewelry in relation to racial inequality. (via Variety)

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