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Ed Sheeran Gifted Elton John a Very Odd Gift

Ed Sheeran recently gifted Elton John a not-so-ordinary gift: a marble penis. “For my birthday this year [in March], he gave me a giant marble penis … I don’t know if that’s because I’ve always been a p---k or what. It’s really big, it’s beautifully made," John said of the wacky gift. (via Just Jared)

Kim Kardashian West Won't Be Changing Her Last Name After Divorce

Despite legally separating from Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West has decided to refrain from dropping "West" from her last name. She says she wants to have the same last name as her four children, who she shares with the Chicago rapper. (via TMZ)

Can Eating Hot Dogs Shorten Your Life Span?

A new study conducted by the University of Michigan has social media up in arms. Apparently, eating one hot dog can take off 36 minutes of your life! Given that over 140 million hot dogs were eaten on the Fourth of July alone, it's safe to say that Americans will die sooner than expected. So, why does a hot dog take some time of your life? It has to do with how detrimental processed meat is to the human body. (via WRAL)

Milk Crate Challenge Officially Banned From TikTok

Don't expect to see anyone falling off a pyramid of crates on TikTok anymore. The social media platform recently banned all milk crate challenge videos and is currently removing any existing clips. TikTok doesn't want to have content on their platform that "promotes or glorifies dangerous acts." (via NY Post)

Lorde Had a Hard Time Letting Go of Social Media

Following the release of her new album Solar Power, Lorde appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden, where she talked about deleting social media from her life. She said she quit cold turkey and that it was extremely difficult. Watch her interview, below:

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