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A Metarie man rigged up his truck to prevent someone stealing it, and the results were caught on camera.

This truck was parked on the street in New Orleans when a car quickly pulled up, and a suspect jumped out. In the video you can see the suspect smash the truck's window with a hammer, and clear the glass with gloved hands. Then when the suspect hoists himself up through the window, he's met with a bright surprise.

The truck's owner had rigged up a flash bang in the truck in case someone tried to break in. Which is exactly what happened, and the results went as planned. See the video here:

New Orleans has been dealing with a long running issue when it comes to violent crimes, gun possession, and car break-ins. The owner of this particular truck tells WDSU that his vehicle has been broken into six times over the last eight weeks. He tells the TV station:

“He probably didn’t get hurt that bad, but it wasn’t pleasant and it might deter him and his friends and tell other people not to do this too because, without something like this, there is no consequence because they’re not going to get arrested"

The TV station goes on to report that in the Central Business District in New Orleans, car burglaries are up 116% over the last year. City-wide stats are up 28% over last year.

Even though New Orleans Police have been accused of doing nothing to combat the crime of car break-ins (or any other crime in the city), they are now looking to crack down on people like this truck owner who look to fight back. The NOPD told the TV station that a device like this will be considered a "bomb" and is considered illegal. NOPD issued a statement, that read in-part:

“While we understand the frustrations our citizens have with crime, rigging an explosive device to detonate inside a vehicle is illegal and a bad idea.

Not only is there a risk of injury to yourself and others, there could be serious legal ramifications for everyone involved."

However many online are scoffing at the NOPD response:

The truck owner still has to pay to have his window replaced, for the seventh time in eight weeks. There's no word on whether or not NOPD will move to arrest the truck owner for this at this point.

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