Perhaps the saddest thing about this headline is that it's more than one. In fact, it's not one, not two, but at least three cities - all Democrat run - across the state whose middle class is abandoning the area.

Which Major Louisiana City is This?

So, to which one of Louisiana's big three (shrinking three?) cities is Scott McKay at The Hayride referring and which Dem politician is he targeting?

"(You) run a dysfunctional mess of a city and those middle-class voters will get the hell out as fast as they can, and what's left is the criminal class you pander to, the welfare class whose votes you can buy cheap, the connected rich whose kids go to private schools, whose personal fortunes aren't dependent on a quality local economy and who pay extra for private security in their gated neighborhoods and special favors from local pols they grease above and below the table.

You're ruling over a ruin of a city, but you're ruling. And you always will, because now there aren't the votes to beat you.

That's the process - Weaponized Government Failure."

And the Answer Is...

So, which city is McKay talking about? New Orleans? Baton Rouge? Our own city of Shreveport? And is the worst news of all that any of the three would be a pretty on-the-money guess?

Well, in this case, the city in question is Louisiana's capitol of Baton Rouge, a city not marked only by "white flight," but the self-evacuation of the working class of all races.

And he's pointing a finger at the failing policies of Mayor Sharon Weston Broome.

And the bigger question of all: How does a city with the state's major university, a city that is home to state government and its thousands of workers, continue to lose population?

As McKay says, "(You) run a dysfunctional mess of a city and those middle-class voters will get the hell out as fast as they can." It seems that in Baton Rouge, they already have. And the voters that remain are more than content to keep electing the same people over and over.

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