A change is proposed to the Caddo Parish School calendar to begin school earlier this fall. But it won't even be close to fall when elementary and middle school students have to report back to the classroom.


This new calendar would start the school year on August 3 for all Caddo K-8 students. The original calendar had a start day of August 17. High school students would report back on August 10 rather than the 17th.

The full Caddo School Board is set to vote on these changes to the calendar at the March 1 meeting.

You can click this link to reach out to your school board members.

This is causing some concern for parents and teachers who say the school calendar is usually locked in place about  9-12 months in advance to give families time for planning vacations and other travel.

These changes will mean school will end on May 18th for students. The last day for teachers would be May 19th. The fall break is also changed a bit and this new calendar will allow for the fall semester to end before the Christmas break.

The changes are being made because the state is now recommending 25 additional teaching days for students. This is an effort to make up for learning losses suffered during the pandemic.

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