It was a busy few days when it comes to criminal activity in Shreveport.

I'm certain that the sentence you just read comes as no surprise to you. Starting today, I will begin sharing weekly booking mugshots from Caddo Correctional. I remember always buying The Inquistor magazine years ago, just to stroll though the mudbugs and area arrests.

I guessed I always found it interesting to see if there's anyone I knew in the weekly bookings, but also, I'm a nosy person in general.

Having said that, I'm sure there are people out there who feel the same way. This first edition only contains bookings from Thursday, September 30th. In the future, I will include all bookings for the entire week, and will share that gallery with you every Friday afternoon.

On Thursday, we had several head-scratcher bookings. Of them, we have several sex offender, possession, and firearm charges. We also have a person who assaulted both a healthcare worker and a police officer.

Here's the Caddo Correctional bookings from Thursday, September 30th.

Caddo Bookings 9-30-2021

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