Earlier this week, multiple levels of government leaders began releasing statistics on deaths related to COVID-19. Some of the statistics have been shocking, not just to the public, but the medical professionals.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards announced this week that 70% of those who had died in the state of Louisiana due to COVID-19 were African American. That statistic is shocking, because only 32% of Louisiana's population is African American.

But those numbers are worse in our area.

The Caddo Coroner's Office release statistics for Caddo Parish today, that show a terrifying trend. Of the 42 deaths related to COVID-19 in Caddo Parish, 34 have been African American. That's 81% of all the COVID deaths in the Parish.


That percentage is not in-line with the demographics of Caddo Parish, where 50% of the population is African American.

The Caddo Coroner's Office provided other statistics for COVID related deaths in the Parish, including the average age of those who have died, which is 67-years-old. The Coroner's Office also said that all of the deceased suffered from known, or suspected, pre-existing serious health conditions.

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