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I'm sure you've noticed the rising temperatures recently.  If you've lived in Louisiana for any significant time - you know this is just the beginning.  Officially, summer doesn't even start until June 21st.  That means it's going to get much hotter, and that's putting some of our most vulnerable residents in danger.

According to a report from KTBS, the Caddo Council on Aging is springing into action in hopes of getting ahead of this sweltering menace.  These incredible volunteers are looking for new, electric fans to distribute to the elderly citizens of our area who find themselves without that most precious of Louisiana commodities during the summer: Air conditioning.

Box fans and pedestal fans work best for moving large volumes of air, and that's exactly what is needed.  With the Farmer's Almanac calling for a hotter summer than usual (that means an extended amount of time we'll likely spend in the triple digits), this is more crucial than ever.

New fans can be donated at the Caddo Council on Aging's headquarters, located at on Buckner Street in Shreveport. The council is also in need of large fans to help volunteers stay cool during the long distribution process.  The donated fans will be passed out to those in need who are 60 years of age and above Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m.

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