For the few who may not know, C.L. Bryant is a minister, filmmaker, author, radio and television host and, most of all, a man who loves God and country.

And Monday evening, the former NAACP president who converted to conservatism brings his inspiring - and sometimes controversial - message to NewsRadio 710 KEEL.

With his show "America On the Edge," the man who shook the political world with his movie "Runaway Slave" will tackle the world of talk radio.

"We in America have stopped talking to each other about the things that really matter. This is the first step in getting back to that," says Bryant.

The show will feature Bryant and his guests in an hour-long, five day a week format.

C.L. Bryant's "America On the Edge" begins its run Monday evening (June 30) on NewsRadio 710 KEEL.

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