Judge Mike Pitman's Caddo courtroom is going to be a busy place tomorrow morning. 25-year-old Samuel Lee Jordan is scheduled for sentencing on a first-degree murder conviction. A Caddo Parish jury found him guilty of killing 8-week-old Lyrica Kennedy in December of 2008. Prosecutors had been hoping for the death penalty but deliberations ended with a hung jury so Jordan will be sentenced to life in prison. Also in Judge Pitman's courtroom in the morning -- 25-year-old Christopher Cope. He's facing first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder charges for the fatal shooting of Police Sergeant Tim Punty outside a convenience store in Otober of 2010 and shooting into the guard shack at Suthern Tace that same night. Judge Pitman is expected to hear a defense motion for a continuance of Cope's scheduled October trial date.

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