The ruling is in on the mask mandate for the City of Shreveport.

The Caddo Clerk of Court's Office tells KEEL News Caddo District Judge Craig Marcotte has issued a ruling in the case filed by four local businesses against Mayor Adrian Perkins' recent mask mandate.

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This whole debate might be moot, though, because Governor John Bel Edwards has issued a statewide mask mandate. But the Governor's order does not include fines or the loss of state services as the Mayor proposed. Perkins initially called for fines for businesses who did not follow the mandate, but he changed that and then determined water service would be cut off to businesses that did not comply.

There was a hearing in court on Monday before judge Marcotte to determine if his temporary order should be made permanent.

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The Times reports Judge Marcotte said during the hearing that "he is in favor of wearing masks and understood the attempted efforts by the mayor to help the welfare of the citizens."  The report adds that the judge believes the mayor did not have the authority to require citizens to wear masks and found the executive order unconstitutional. The judge also noted that Perkins' order is "riddled with problems."

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