What started as an off the wall question on my Facebook page led to a huge discussion that I thought might interest you.

Several co-workers and I were talking about the good old days when Hamel's Park was alive and well, and we couldn't remember the name of the chimpanzee who would actually throw poop at spectators.

Turns out, his name was Buddy.  And man the stories I got on Facebook of people's memories of the "poop throwing, cigarette smoking Buddy the Chimp."

Seems like everybody has a "Buddy the Chimp" story:

FB Comment 1

And then there's comments like these:

FB Comment 2

So, while Buddy might be the most famous animal from here in Shreveport/Bossier, you might be surprised to find out who's truly the most famous animal in the whole world.

Let's run through the list of the Top 9.

The 9 Most Famous Animals Of All Time

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