This year, dog poisonings in Shreveport's Broadmoor neighborhood have left local dog owners fearful that their pet could be next. Sadly, one resident had that fear realized when she discovered her pit bull poisoned.  

K945 listener Morgan Bailey Eberhardt reached out to us and said that her pit bull Dozer was poisoned, claiming the dog was singled out because he's a pit bull.

"My labrador Judy is perfectly fine," Eberhardt said. "We have been in the house for two weeks, and my dogs are only outside in the day time."

Dozer was poisoned with rat poison, and Eberhardt believes it was hand-fed to him. Due to the severity of the poisoning, Dozer suffered from bleeding in his brain and organ failure. He was put down.

Photo: Morgan Bailey Eberhardt
Photo: Morgan Bailey Eberhardt

Eberhardt explained that the previous owner of the home her family recently moved into was there for over six years and would never put rat poison in the yard. And Animal Control found no traces of the substance during their investigation following Dozer's death, she said.

Though pit bulls are widely considered dangerous animals and have been known to attack unprovoked, Eberhardt said Dozer was a sweet dog.

"He was the furthest thing from vicious," she said. "Kids sat on him, tugged his ears. He loved playing with other dogs. He was even caught snuggling with a cat once."

Shreveport police take animal cruelty cases seriously, but Eberhardt is uncertain her dog's killer will ever be caught. Nevertheless, she hopes to help spread the word to other Shreveport pet owners that there is a sicko on the loose, poisoning dogs.

"Shreveport needs to know their dogs are in danger," she said.

If you have any information about this case or another possible dog poisoning, you can contact the Caddo Parish Animal Control at (318) 226-6624.

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