Hamel's Park was a big part of my childhood, and others that grew up in NWLA in the 90s. For a kid who hadn't been to Six Flags or Disney World yet, this was as close to a magic kingdom as I had seen.

Hamel's had two big rides. The Roller Coaster and the Log Ride. As a kid, those were the two biggest rides in the world as far as I was concerned.

When this video popped up on Facebook this morning, the memories came flooding back. It's that classic 90s home-movie quality that really hits my nostalgia buttons. But, seeing the Log-Ride and the kiddie barn in motion really brought me back.

Twin Blends Photography LLC  posted the video on their Facebook this morning and it's already making the rounds. The tape was given to Twin Blends by a Shreveport family, who wanted to share the good times with the world. I'm just hoping tpo spread that joy a little further.

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