How many of you visited Walmart on Airline Drive last week?

Over the past week, one van has sat in place in the parking lot of Bossier City's Walmart. Granted, cars parking for long periods of time is nothing new for Walmart, as they are listed as a rest stop with overnight parking. However, it is a little strange when one vehicle remains unmoved for a prolonged amount of time.

That's what got the attention of Walmart staff, and in turn, the Bossier City Police Department.

Once police arrived at the Walmart on Airline Drive, they quickly realized this situation is far more grim than the occasional abandoned vehicle in a parking lot. They worked quick to isolate the scene and block off the van using police tape. Once inside the van, they found a body and quickly went to work.

Bossier police are currently investigating this bizarre situation, and have released very little information at this time. They did seem to confirm the sex of the individual to a local media outlet, who reported it was a male.

At this time, Bossier police do not suspect any foul play, and believe the man died in his van from natural causes. However, this is my no means an open-and-shut case as Bossier police continue to unravel the details of this mysterious death. They expect to determine the cause of death following an autopsy.

According to the local media outlet mentioned above, Lt. Bart Cavanaugh of the BCPD believes the man may have been resting in his van in the parking lot before dying in his sleep.

As Bossier police release any information, we will update this article.

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