Earlier this year, a Bossier Police officer found himself in hot water after refusing a mandatory drug test. The video is know certified viral on YouTube.

Believe it or not, I'm a huge fan of police videos on YouTube. In fact, I've written extensively in the past about my love for police TV shows like LIVE PD and COPS. Simply put, I can't get enough of this content.

Naturally, any time I hop onto YouTube, I immediately see a plethora of police bodycam-type videos in my recommended. YouTube clearly knows me well. This week, however, the top video in my recommended was strikingly familiar. This hasn't happened to me yet, and I'm talking about thousands of videos watched through the years, so this was quite the shock. As soon as the video started, I knew it was a local situation. Right away, I realized this footage was from the Bossier City Police Department. They were in the Brookshire's parking lot in Benton.

Once the video began, I instantly remembered hearing about this exact incident from earlier in the year. Travis Coker was driving his patrol unit while off-duty and a civilian called dispatch and claimed he was driving erratically all over the road.

Naturally, when BCPD responded, they had no choice but to immediately launch an investigation on the scene to determine whether or not the officer in question was impaired. One of the officers who arrived on scene was none other than BCPD Capt. Leander Mathew.

The body cam footage itself lasts nearly 40 minutes, and shows Coker being extremely belligerent to his superiors, while refusing to take the mandatory test at Willis-Knighton Bossier. Coker was placed on administrative leave immediately after refusing to take the ride to WK. He was terminated shortly after.

The video is insane and you can join the millions who beat us to it and watch it in its entirety below.

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