Bossier Parish Schools Superintendent Mitch Downey talks about the plans - and the options being considered - for the reopening of schools in early August.

Downey tells listeners that Bossier, just like Dr. Lamar Goree and Caddo parish, are considering a number of options. "We're scheduled to start with students returning on August 12," says Downey, also noting that teachers' meeting begin two days earlier, "And we're still working on what it's going to look like. We're trying to get more information from the governor's office and the Department of Education. Our desire and what we're planning for is a traditional start with guidelines in place that requires spacing, staggered movements, transitions and distancing in the hallways."

Downey also emphasizes that everyone is hard at work searching for a solution. "We have a task force made up of principals, teachers, different leaders fro the district. It's not going to be a one size fits all. We'll have to consider each specific location and have a plan for how we can accommodate a variety of rules and guidelines."

The Superintendent also addresses the variety of schooling options, classroom, distance / digital learning and an educational hybrid combining both. "I think that's a conversation all over the country," Downey says, "Everybody is desirous of a traditional start. It's the most effective way to provide instruction. But there are conversations about a combination. I'll go ahead and say it now. The two greatest challenges for everybody are child care and transportation. I think we all realize that child care is the thing that will allow the economy to reopen fully and without that, everybody's impacted."

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