Bossier City Mayor Tommy Chandler runs into a brick wall with the city council in his effort to put his team together.


Residents packed the meeting to find out what would happen with several key appointments to city government. But Chandler did not get anything he was asking for. The first blow came when the council voted to appoint former councilman Scott Irwin as interim member in the seat he lost in the March election. Many residents of south Bossier were irate about that appointment saying they already made it clear they did not want Irwin representing them.


Bossier Now reports that the city might have a new mayor, but "apparently councilmember David Montgomery, Jr. is still running the city."

Montgomery led the effort to block Chandler's appointments. He asked for and won support for a 30 day delay in naming  Charles Jacobs as city attorney. Jacobs is stepping down from a judicial seat to take this post. But he will have to wait at least 30 days. Montgomery told his fellow members and the packed house he got information about something that happened on Friday involving Jacobs that concern him. But he would not give specifics.

One resident did get up to speak and he divulged a little more info about those accusations. Al Brookins told the council Jacobs apparently gave Chandler advice on removing Police Chief Shane McWilliams and putting Sergeant Chris Estess in place as Substitute Chief. Brookins told the council Estess sent out "emails and phone calls to 22 or 23 detectives or police officers, swapping their positions within a day or two.” Brookins says this action has caused turmoil in the Police Department.

On the Jacobs appointment, Chandler said: “Is there any problem guys? This guy is a judge, stepping down to be the city attorney. I mean, I’m honored for him to do that. Is there any problem with that?”

In the effort to name Shane Cheatham as Chief Administrative Officer, a motion was made, but the motion got no 2nd, so it died. There was no vote. This appointment is expect to come up again at the next meeting.

There was a closed door meeting after the open council meeting, but no details have been released about that private meeting.

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