After teasing a major announcement online for more than a week, Office Furniture Source in Bossier City has made an announcement about their ownership. Well known founder and owner of the company, Martin Grau, has retired...effective today.

In a statement from the company, Grau has agreed to sell the business to long-time General Manager and Chief Operating Officer Chad James. According to the statement, James is Grau's former brother-in-law, helping to maintain the family-owned tradition.

Grau has become well known in the Ark-La-Tex for his marketing style. Since the company started, Grau has always marched to the beat of his own drum when it comes to his marketing. Whether it was through parody, or public commentary, Grau made his point in a way that got everyone to notice.

Though many might be more familiar with his recent ads on potholes, the Beacon Motel,  and cleaning up trash around I-20, he has always taken his ads to the next level. Even when he was creating this advertising gold over a decade ago...

If he wasn't creating parodies of LSU coaches, he was having some fun turning a mundane style commercial into something clever and entertaining. Like this early Office Furniture Source spot...

As far as the business side of Grau's retirement, here's the complete text of the statement released by the company:

"Following a lifetime career of ownership & community leadership, Office Furniture Source founder & owner, Martin Grau announced his retirement effective today.

Martin who started as a teenager working for his parent’s office furniture company before starting Office Furniture Source in 2006 using only a pick-up truck and a phone book. Today, that company today is the Ark-La-Tex’s largest and most recognizable office furniture companies.

“Martin not only has years of outstanding service & leadership in the Shreveport-Bossier City community, but has provided leadership in ways no one else could. The SBC will miss his one of a kind personality. The radio waves will never be the same again not hearing the famous Martin Grau voice yelling at everyone to buy local, call your congressman, or fix the roads. I want to thank Martin for his service and dedication not only to Office Furniture Source but the entire local community that he loves so dearly. Those of us that know Martin personally admire him not only for his business efforts, but also for his personal lifetime values as a devoted husband, father, and friend. OFS will miss Martin, but we wish him well and confident the community will continue to benefit from his valued leadership and voice,” says Chad James, his long-time General Manager/Chief Operating Officer and former brother-in-law.

Martin Grau and Chad James, have agreed to terms for the sale of Office Furniture Source.

"It is with great pleasure and confidence that I am able to hand over the reins of Office Furniture Source to Chad James. Chad IS family and Office Furniture Source remains a family owned & operated business. There is no other person I'd sell my company to other than Chad, who has given his heart for this company for the past 13 years. I have no doubt that he will continue the 'mom and pop atmosphere while keeping OFS relevant with his innovation and natural design ability. OFS will develop a new brand identity that will continue to strengthen and grow while continue giving back to our local community which is something that Chad and I both care about passionately."

We're not sure if this is the end of commercials featuring Martin Grau or not, but our hope is that he's got a few left in him.

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