A local group is working to put a new face on Fairgrounds Field and breathe new life into the complex.
Shayne Sharkey with Play Ball Shreveport is leading the charge to get the stadium back in shape to be used for a variety of sporting events.
His group is going before the Shreveport City Council to request a long-term lease for the stadium. He wants to convert it into a multipurpose stadium using private funds.
It will be used for more than just baseball. It will be a multipurpose stadium to include baseball, softball, and soccer. When the stadium is not in use for games, there are other possibilities like outdoor concerts and movies.
They are also working on a plan to use the stadium for some adult leagues.
Your help is needed to make this happen.  You can sign the petition here.
The dream is to restore Fair Grounds Field and create a multipurpose stadium for youth, high school, and collegiate sports. It’s a dream to convert a forgotten field into a space for families to gather and kids to learn to love the game.

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