Governor Bobby Jindal spoke at the Baton Rouge Press Club to discuss his administration’s accomplishments over the last eight years. Jindal says he took on education reform during his two terms and believes it will have a lasting impact on our state.

We provided statewide school choice where the dollars follow the child instead of the child following the dollars. We didn't force choice. We went to the cap on charter schools.

Jindal says he knows not all of his policies were popular, but he believes he did what was best for the state.

We're a top 10 state for job creation. We've had 8 credit upgrades. Our graduation rates have gone up. We've cut the number of failing schools in half. We've added 90,000 jobs in this state.

The governor says he made it very clear that he wanted to bring change to the state and it’s important to look at the positive results.

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