When you hear the name of soon to be former Governor Bobby Jindal what thoughts come to mind? Since we live in a what have you done for me lately society most of the opinions you'll read or hear on Mr. Jindal are less than glowing. However, there are some who have chosen to look at the bigger picture.

For many in Louisiana, Bobby Jindal was supposed to be the breath of fresh air that Louisiana politics needed. He was supposed to be the Governor that was transparent, the Governor that got things done, the Governor that took Louisiana from the bottom of the list toward the top. If you examine the facts you'd have to agree Jindal's years in office fell short of those very lofty goals. 

So what will time tell us about Governor Bobby Jindal? Pearson Cross is a Political Science Professor at the University of Louisiana Lafayette, he told the Louisiana Radio Network,

He’s going to also be known, most importantly for his education reform with charters, instituting a statewide voucher program and changing the way teachers are evaluated.

Early in Jindal's administration there were advances in education and ethics reforms. As Jindal's years in office grew longer and he made the decision to run for national office many Louisiana residents, according to Cross, felt betrayed.

He clearly left under a cloud as people tired of his relentless campaigning and running for president.

Jindal did succeed in making the footprint of state government smaller. He certainly changed the way the state operated during his time in office.

He reduced the number of state employees, he brought home some national republican and conservative mantras about smaller government to Louisiana.

However, many felt that a lot of these reductions were very detrimental to important aspects of our state, namely higher education. 

What are your thoughts on Bobby Jindal? Did he keep his promises to you? Do you think over time history will reflect his administration in a positive light? We'd like to know your thoughts as we look ahead to a new Governor and a new chapter in the history of our state.

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