A House bill to study domestic violence fatalities in the state continues to make its way through the legislature. Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence Executive Director Mariah Wineski said House Bill 452 creates a multidisciplinary team within the health department to review a victim’s records.

“And then based on those reviews they will identify systemic issues or patterns in those homicides, and then make some data-driven recommendations to hopefully help prevent future homicides,” said Wineski.

The review will pinpoint missed opportunities for intervention and potential areas for reform.

Wineski said Louisiana has one of the highest rates of domestic violence fatalities in the nation and the formation of a review team is overdue.

“Louisiana is actually one of a only handful of states that does not already have enabling legislation in place for this type of review team,” said Wisneski.

Because the bill involves funding and would be part of the health department’s duties it has been through several House committees. Wineski said the framework of the bill is set up to similar mortality reviews already in place at the health department.

“There are already other types of fatality reviews and those have enabling legislation that kind of sets up the framework and creates protection for the information,” said Wineski.

Wineski said so far the bill has received bipartisan support and she’s hopeful it will eventually reach the Governor’s desk.


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