Following in the footsteps of his father, Frank Akins, Bill Akins founded All Seasons Window & Door Manufacturing in 1979 in two rooms of a school gymnasium in the Fredonia Community just outside of Kilgore. Bill has been around the window manufacturing since the age of eight. The humble beginning of All Seasons Window & Door Manufacturing included five employees and Bill accomplishing every phase of work from selling, to manufacturing, installation, and delivery.

1983 brought a new 33,000 square foot building on 10 acres in Longview’s Southwest Industrial Park. All Seasons Window & Door expanded its original product line of storm windows and replacement windows and increased the staff to 20. By 1985, a line of prime residential windows was added, as well as a premium line of insulated glass. In 1989 the company increased its window line to include heavy commercial hotel windows, and the following year added entry doors.

A major expansion in 1993 increased the size of the building to 55,000 square feet for manufacturing and office space and one of the South’s largest window and door showrooms. All Seasons continued to grow to 50 employees supplying residential windows in East Texas and Northwestern Louisiana and heavy commercial windows in 20 states.
“For more than 36 years, we have been establishing
a respected reputation for excellence.”
In 1999, Bill took a leap of faith with the major purchase of a heavy commercial manufacturing company in Bryan, Texas. With this acquisition, All Seasons catapulted into the national and international markets. This new All Seasons Commercial Division added 15 products to the All Seasons family of products and included customers all over the United States, Mexico, and military bases all over the world. In 2000 another opportunity to expand the product line emerged when Bill purchased a local door manufacturing plant, adding interior doors to the All Seasons product family. This completed the circle, making All Seasons a one-source supplier for all window and door needs. Expansions of both the Longview and Bryan plants in 2001 facilitated moving the hotel window line to Bryan organizing all heavy commercial windows there. The space created in Longview was utilized to add the vinyl window line. The Longview plant now incorporates 104,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space with a staff of 105.

A Longview High and Southwestern Louisiana State University economics graduate, Bill has experienced not just All Seasons growth and change, but the entire industry. The company has seen vast changes in its over thirty year history including going from cutting glass by hand to a computerized glass cutting machine. The vinyl window line incorporates the latest state-of-the-art machinery used in the window industry. Continuous research and testing of products has resulted in new low sound transmission products that are in high demand around airports and other high noise concentrated areas. Currently the fastest growing product line is blast-resistant windows with the Military as the primary customer base.