In 1996, the blockbuster movie Twister gave us all some insight when it comes to storm chasing. Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt took us on an adventure trying to outrun Cary Elwes and storm fronts. Though the movie was full of scenes created for nothing but dramatic effect (flying cows and stuff), there was a lot of reality in the film. Which is probably why it became such a massive hit.

If you didn't know, there's actually a follow up film set for release this summer called Twisters. According to creators, the new movie will live in the original Twister universe, but may not be as much of a direct sequel as some believe it to be.

These films strike a nerve with so many Americans, because tornados are such a big part of life for large chunks of our country. From the "tornado alley" states to the deep south, the midwest to the east coast, tornados regularly impact over half of the states in the country. Alaska, Hawaii, and the far northern corners of the east and west coasts are the only places in the US that really don't have much worry on an annual basis.

States in our region have to be much more concerned. Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas all land inside the top 15 states for tornado activity. While Texas is the top state in the nation (partially because its just so big).

Weather experts have been sounding the alarm for a few years now that its not exactly the number of severe storms that are concerning, its the increasing intensity. These storms are jumping from "severe" to "extreme" with regularity. Even to the point where some have started exploring the need to create something beyond a "Category 5 hurricane" for reference.

See what the strongest tornados in Louisiana have looked like over the last 10 years here:

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